Membership & Fees

The club is affiliated to the JKA (Japan Karate Association) via our in country association which is JKA England. All club members must apply for a licence after three training sessions. The licence provides a record of your grading history as well as providing insurance against accidents that might occur during regular training.

JKA England Membership

New and existing students should apply/renew a licence using the following link.

Training Fees

Training fees are all managed via an online payment system called GoCardless. Fees are calculated on a four week month, so students gain an extra session on the longer months in the calendar. The extra sessions balance out the times when I need to take a short break for a holiday.

The current training fees are listed in the table below.

AgeFour Sessions a MonthEight Sessions a Month
Child< 16 Year£16£32
Adult16 Years+£20£40