Learn Shotokan Karate with the Japan Karate Association

We teach authentic Shotokan Karate as taught by the Japan Karate Asssociation (World Federation). Our club is affiliated with the Japan Karate Association (or JKA) via our direct affiliation with JKA England. JKA England offer a wide range of local club gradings, national and international courses. In addition to these events, JKA England also run regional, national and international competitions.

Japan Karate Association England

The chief instructor of JKA England is Ohta Sensei 7th Dan JKA. Ohta Sensei has been resident in England for over forty years. Throughout this time, Ohta Sensei has worked tirelessly to build the JKA in England, across Europe and further afield.

Instructor Profile

My name is Trevor Byrne and I have been training for over forty years. I began training in my hometown of Plymouth under Sensei Les Clarke 4th Dan JKA at the Plymouth Shotokan Karate club in Farringdon Road Church, St.Judes. During those early days of my training, I was cycling across Plymouth by myself. Sensei Les became concerned about my safety as I was still very young. It was decided that I should transfer to one of the satellite clubs which was much closer to my home. I was introduced to Sensei Colin Putt who at the time was 3rd Dan JKA and ran a club in Devonport High School For Girls, Beacon Park, Plymouth. Years later I actually moved into a house which was less than thirty seconds from the entrance to the school, which was very convenient indeed. I remained training at Sensei Colin’s club for many years, eventually leaving for work reasons as a JKA 3rd Dan myself.

The Plymouth SKC club was a very strong club with a very large number of dan grades training in the second session. The training venue was very old school, as most were back in those days. The Church floor was solid wood with many a student coming a croper to large splinters, not to mention other injuries. Those early years were very much my formative years as I experienced very hard training sessions with students who gave everything they had, especially during kumite.

Having joined Devonport SKC, I soon began to enjoy the training very much and over the years the club grew in size to well over one hundred students, requiring two halls every evening. Those were the heady days of Shotokan in this country and a far cry from today’s club membership numbers!

Having moved to North Somerset and training at several JKA clubs in the region and further afield while working away during the week, I eventually started the club here in Weston-super-Mare in January 2011. The club initially trained in Priory School but after a short period, we moved over to @Worle to train in Worle Community School Academy, becoming @Worle’s first ever long term rental. We have remained with @Worle ever since who have been immensely supportive of the club.

I have been training for a large part of my life and can honestly say that it truly is my passion. I take great interest in the development of my students, both in and out of the dojo. I have watched students grow from very yong children into young adults, passing through college onto University and finally into great careers. I continue to teach with just as much passion now as I did the very day I was asked by Sensei Colin Putt to “lend a hand”.

I am presently 5th Dan JKA and also the serving JKA England Regional Officer for the South West. This is a role that I have really enjoyed and continue to grow into. I really enjoy organising events and ensuring every one in the South West Region have all they need to access the great training JKA England provide through Ohta Sensei 7th Dan JKA and the Technical Committee members.

Being a member of JKA England has permitted me to study Shotokan Karate with the JKA to a very high level, both in the dojo and also in the class room. I currently hold the following JKA International Qualifications:-

(a) International Instructor – Level C
(b) International Referee – Level C
(c) International Examiner – Level D

Dojo Location

Our dojo is located within Worle Community School Academy (WCSA) school gymnasium. We also use the dance studio within @Worle for our junior beginner sessions. The easiet way to gain access to the school grounds is via the New Bristol Road entrance, the details are below:-

58 New Bristol Road
North Somerset
BS22 6AQ

Please Note: The car park is now monitored by an AMPR (Automated Number Plate Recognition) system. If you drive on site and park, you must register your car’s registration number using the tablet PC’s which can be found in the reception of @Worle and also just inside the entrance to the sports block.