Child Safety

Our club takes the safety and wellbeing of all students very seriously indeed. As a member of JKA England and ultimately the EKF (English Karate Federation), we have to attend regular NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) training courses and are vetted by the DBS (Disclosure Barring Service).

General Guidance

As a parent and/or carer of a minor or vulnerable person, you should insist on the highest standards of safety and care. We encourage parents and/or carers to challenge our club to demonstrate that we have the appropriate training in place and that we have the necessary vetting in place.

We encourage all parents and/or carers to check the facilities to ensure they are satisfied with our safe guarding practices. This is something we encourage all parents and/or carers to do outside of our club when attending other, non karate related activities.

As a rule, when we are teaching minors and/or vulnerable person(s), we insist that at least two independent parents remain in the dojo to observe our teaching at all times.

Reporting a Concern

We want to make it very clear that if we as a club observe anything that gives us cause for concern, we have a duty of care as karate instructors and morally as members of society to pass on our concerns to the relevant authorities. As a club, we will not be challenged on this policy under any circumstances. If challenged, you can expect a lifetime ban to be put in place.

JKA England have a dedicated child safety and disciplinary officer in place at all times. As a club, this is our first port of call if we see anything that gives cause for concern. We are also in direct contact with the excellent pastoral care team within WCSA. If appropriate, will contact them if a concern is raised that involves a student within the Priory Learning Trust Academy who attends our club.