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Pictures of regular training sessions within the JKA

Welcome to our Shotokan Karate Centre

Many thanks for visiting our website, I hope you find everything you need here to give you a good insight into what our centre has to offer and what JKA Shotokan Karate also has to offer.

The “Japan Karate Association” are the largest and by far the most professional Shotokan Karate organisation in the world today. Strictly speaking, the karate as taught and practised by the JKA is a highly refined form of the original Shotokan Karate. This has come about through the JKA’s constant research of each and every technique using the very latest scientific methods.


- What are the training costs?

- £3.50 - under 17, £4.00 - over 17 per session.

- How much is a JKA licence?

- £25 per annum which provides insurance & registration.

- Equipment?

- We wear a simple dogis or gis for short which costs around £20 for a beginner. It is possible to purchase an authentic gis direct from Japan which is understandably more expensive but will certainly last the course in terms of one’s lifetime of training.

The JKA Approach To Training

Training within the JKA is split into three separate areas which are known as Kihon (basic techniques), Kata (prearranged forms) & Kumite (sparring with a partner).

Although each discipline is practised individually they are intimately entwined and must be repetitively practised in equal amounts. This circular focus on each of the three elements of training will gradually enable a student to not only gain a great deal of control over their physical technique but also their mental and spiritual state.

In time, a karate-ka will be able to manoeuvre them selves spontaneously in a very smooth, efficient yet powerful manner. The end results are a high level of personal confidence, physical conditioning and more importantly, self esteem.

Below are a few of the most commonly asked questions which people ask when enquiring about starting karate.

The main cost associated with karate training is ones personal time, there are no shortcuts just time and dedication.